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Joe Kent is Back & Speaking Out
Hashtag #WhereIsJosephKent was trending after news cameras captured a peace keeping protester walking in front of a line of militant police in Baltimore and suddenly disappeared into an armored truck. Today he explains what happened to him and what he plans to do now. Watch the full interview here.
The huge topic of debate is the latest story of alleged police brutality, this time surrounding Los Angeles Police Department. What are your thoughts on this incident?
Wrong Way On i90 [vid]
Imagine you're driving home after a long day and here comes a crazy lady driving the wrong way onto the freeway coming straight toward your car!! With no where to go, you collide with the drunk driver and are rushed to the hospital. This happened to someone right here in Buffalo this weekend. …
CBS Cancels Rihanna
This week has been dominated by domestic violence talks and abusive relationships after the footage from Ray Rice's attack on his fiancee', Janay Palmer, were released.
ALS Challenge Founder Drowns
This is sad and ironic. Surely, somebody in your family (if not everybody) has participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge that has raised nearly $27 Million for ALS research. Corey Griffin was the co-founder in that great feat after his buddy, Pete Frates, was diagnosed with the life threatening disea…