Although according to News Reports, The Groove Lounge was closed at the time of a shooting death in close proximity to the establishment last Saturday night / Sunday  Morning, the business has been ordered to Cease & Desist Doing Business...and this time it may be for good.

If The Groove Lounge were permitted to ever re-open, would the owner want to deal with the headache of there always being a threat that they will be shut down by the very people they are trying to serve?  If it were me, I would feel betrayed by "my own".  That's not to say that I would feel as though the entire Community is against me, but it is saying that there are those in the Community who do not and have not appreciated an effort to provide entertainment for the Community.

I feel so badly for The Groove Lounge Ownership.  The Owner has worked so hard and invested so much time and money into renovating the building at 1210 Broadway, only for a couple of fools to come along and, within seconds, place a blemish on all of the hard work.  But should a couple of incidents that have taken place outside of the establishment after it has closed, be a death sentence for the establishment?  My opinion is NO.  Why can't the Buffalo Police work with the Business Owner such that they are present to deter the types of unfortunate incident that have plagued not only The Groove but other African-American nightclubs. However, who am I to's simply my opinion.

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