Amherst residents are not happy about the violence at Chuck E Cheese's lately, although it would seem it doesn't directly affect them.  It is somewhat understandable that the violence there is a concern.  But what Chuck E Cheese is supposed to do about it is beyond me.  How is the establishment supposed to curtail ignorance. Maybe Security Guards?  That would certainly be a deterrent for families wanting to bring their children there for Fun & Games and Pizza.

An Amherst Councilwoman has come forward, representing the Amherst Community, with a solution (threat in my estimation), suggesting the store get themselves together, regarding the violence that has taken place at that particular store lately, or shut down.  The residents have every reason to be concerned, even I stated before, they may not necessarily be affected by the violence directly...but maybe for the residents, the violence is just 'too close to home'.  According to a WGRZ News Report, the Police have been called to the Amherst Chuck E Cheese's location 192 times within the past 5 years.

Amherst Councilwoman, Jacqualine Berger, on behalf of the residents in Amherst, and according to the WGRZ News Story, is not necessarily looking to completely shut down the Chuck E Cheese's Amherst location, rather she and the residents are threatening to have the Amherst Chuck E Cheese's gaming license taken away, which would leave the venue the option of serving food ...period...virtually turning it into a restaurant....that would be NO FUN for kids.

The saddest part of this entire situation is that we have a handful of ignorant ass people in our Community who make it bad for everyone else...please excuse my French, but it perturbs me to that extent.  The participants involved in the fighting and violence lately will have some personal hair-brain excuse for their actions, but I'm here to tell each one of them that THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR YOU.

Hopefully the residents of Amherst and their Chuck E Cheese's location can come to some agreement and solution so as not to deprive kids in the area of a place where they can go and have a great time with Chuck E Cheese.


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