East Aurora has become a very popular place for people to go out to eat.  Now, a well-known restaurant there is changing hands.

If you've been to the Time Warner Cable Winter Classic Ice Rink in East Aurora on Riley Street, chances are you've either been to Riley Street Station or, at the very least, been past it.  It's always been a really cool place to stop in for a nice dinner or some drinks on a cold night at the rink.

For the first time in years, it will be under new ownership.  It was opened in 1987 by Dave Neff and his family.  Since his passing, it has been operating under the leadership of his wife Consuelo (Babe) Neff.

Yesterday, she made the announcement that she has sold the building and the business to a renowned national developer.

Riley Street Station has been sold to Gordon Reger, a renowned national developer. His plans are to make this his home base for his self and his staff. The integrity of the building will remain intact -standing as a proud part of East Aurora railroad history. - Babe Neff

There is an incredible story about this building and the part it played in being the Pennsylvania Railroad Station.  If you'd like to check out the full history of Riley Street Station, click here.

Neff plans to spend her time with her family from here on out.  Their last day of operation under her ownership will be Saturday, October 1, 2022 and she would love for everyone to come in one last time to celebrate their almost 4 decades of business there.

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