I tend to take a lot of things for granted, I think most of us do, that is until someone or something is created to help bring awareness and understanding for the betterment of not only a community but for the people in it.

If the shutdown taught everyone anything it was appreciation. The appreciation to be able to go wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted.  The appreciation to visit with friends and family. Or just the simple pleasure of having a warm nutritious meal.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds or finances to not only enjoy a meal out but to enjoy a meal in general. That is why when I was alerted that a new revolutionary “Pay as you can” restaurant is open, on the West Side, I was intrigued. According to WGRZ:

The mantra at BIG BIG TABLE COMMUNITY CAFÉ, is "Everybody eats. Everybody gives. Everybody matters". Very simple but very poignant. And their mission is simple:

“Our mission is to feed delicious and nutritious food to everybodyRegardless of your ability to pay, our doors will be open to feed you. ​Big Big Table, Inc. will be a Community Café -- a pay-as-you can lunchtime restaurant,

focused on addressing hunger, reducing food waste, and building community. With pay-as-you-can pricing and a significant volunteer component in day-to-day operations, everybody has a chance to get what they need and give what they can.”


The lunch menu ranges from soups and salads to quiches and casseroles, pasta dishes, and desserts. I went to their website HERE and it looks great. The vibe of the site, Mandy who is the founder, chef, and heart of the whole thing is fun, bright, uplifting, and hopeful. You can volunteer to help and learn how this business model will not only help feed and nourish communities, it will also enlighten you as to how they have reduced food waste.

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