This is a very touching story.

23 Year-Old Beth Reese was aware of her Father's short time left as he had been fighting cancer and was now diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.  What Beth did for her Dad on Father's Day just past is worthy of a being made into a Motion Picture, in my opinion.  It's something everyone needs to see.  This much Love captured in a home video is the type of Love that will never die even when the people who received and gave it are long gone.  Beth must have known this as her Dad indeed passed away, but not before she could Bless his life with a moment filled with 100% Love on so many levels.

Beth planned to marry in August of this year (next month) but didn't want to risk her Dad missing her wedding without being able to not only witness it, but also give her hand in marriage to her now husband, Austin Reese.

Beth's Dad, Rick Ferrino was at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and would not be able to leave to attend Beth's wedding due to his declining condition and weakness.  So his daughter, Beth, brought the wedding to Roswell.  Mr. Ferrino was able to witness her daughter become a wife and was able to be the person giving his precious daughter away before he passed 3 days later.  A sad and joyful story all rolled into one.

Beth Reese Shared This:

"It was very emotional just knowing what was going on, but I was happy to know he knew what was going on. And even after we went to his room, he said 'did they really just get married, "

Austin Reese said this:

"This really gave us some peace of mind knowing that his fight had a reason, he wasn't just fighting just to stay alive. He was fighting for his family, he was fighting to see his little girl finally get married," Austin Reese said.

Congratulations Justin & Beth Reese along with our deepest condolences regarding your Dad...the two you made his life beyond worth living and allowed him to rest, a very happy man.  What you did Beth was Special beyond compare.

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