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12 of the Greatest TV Dads [Gallery]
As we approach Father's Day, I was reminiscing about some of the great TV dads, you know the ones we all wished were our fathers. Here are the 12 greatest. Vote for who you think is the most iconic.
Father's Day
Father's Day is on Sunday and we have your chance to win a Father's Day prize pack with DJ Wire! Get the details and find out how to win here!
Dad's Life! [RAP VIDEO]
Father's Day is coming up and four dads have come up with a Father's Day Rap that's actually pretty good (my opinion)!
WATCH (& Happy Father's Day in advance): 
Single Moms Too?
We've often heard that a single mom does the work of both parents, but should Mom celebrate Father's Day? Hallmark thinks so and has responded with holiday greeting cards to fit the occasion.
Single Moms & Father's Day
This is a topic that seldom discussed, but I saw a view videos online that made it seem like it may be a good one!
"Single Mothers Celebrating Father's Day as "The Father!"
Well, take this poll and answer the question: 
Should Single Moms Celebrate Father's Day…
The Battle of the TV Dads
Who gets your VOTE for The "BEST TV DAD"?  Here is a Video String of Contestants... Watch and then call 716-644-9393 to VOTE for The "BEST TV DAD"!!!! Happy Father's Day to ALL DADS!!!!

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