I live in Niagara Falls and CANNOT IMAGINE this happening.  This is so weird.  The Niagara Falls Police have issued a *WARNING* however and urge all Niagara Falls residents to lock your doors and windows at night before going to bed.

The Morton family said they came home a few nights ago to find their doors open and someone making noise on the second floor of their McKoon Avenue home.

Police responded to the family's 911 call but the home invader escaped.

"Having some creep come into your house wears on you at night when you have kids and a pregnant wife," commented Mark Morton Jr.

"I know that I am scared. Who's to say he won't escalate and try to do something even with my husband in bed next to me," added Amanda Morton.


Reports describe the man as follows:
A light-skinned black male with a medium build and approximately 5'9" to 6' tall, and around the ages of 30-45 years old.

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