Friendship can't get much better than this.  Buffalo Bills' Zay Jones celebrated his friends last day of chemo with an exclusive Zay Jones 'levitation' trick and tweeted this, according to news sources:

My new friend Nate completes his final of fourteen total chemotherapy sessions tonight — he also graduates high school tomorrow. His only request to celebrate... “can you please levitate right here?”

Some Twitter Fans were very impressed and expressed their sentiments, according to reports:

"You're a good dude, Zay, and you're a badass, Nate!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Not all heroes wear capes," another said, adding a few clapping hands emojis.

"You are amazing Zay (and not just the levitation) and this is what it's about, reaching out and lifting up those that need it!" someone else wrote.

"I just became a huge Zay Jones fan," another said.

The hospital's Twitter account even responded. "Thanks so much for visiting with us today! You cheered up so many patients!"

Here's the video:

Here's how it all started:

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