How would you feel about renting out your car for some extra cash? General Motors is banking on the idea with a car-sharing service called Maven.

It’s a little like Airbnb, but for your car. “It’s on the same trajectory,” Maven Vice President Julia Steyn says, “and most people are less emotionally attached to their car than to their own bed.”

“Your car is one of the most expensive things you own. Sitting idle, it is a wasted asset,” “It’s time to put your car to work.”

The car-sharing service launched two and a half years ago for GM members, but now it’s expanding. Forbes reports that car owners get to keep 60 percent of the hourly rental fee and Maven gets 40 percent. The average rate per hour ranges from $7 to $9.

Maven is currently being tested in Chicago, Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Would you be down with giving up your keys?

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