The 'HAWK' System goes Green on Monday.  Will it be effective?  It's a crossing system which is designed to help keep pedestrians safer while crossing busy streets ...

The Deputy Mayor of the Village of Williamsville, Basil Piazza, said this about 'HAWK' according to WGRZ News:

Well, what it's going to do is basically start flashing yellow and then turn red. So it's going to warn drivers that there is an unusual situation mid-block, wherever it is and when it turns red we all know to stop.  Everything's been put together and it will be fully functional on the 19th of this month, which is just a few more days. So we're looking forward to having a safer situation for pedestrians here in the village.  

The idea sounds promising, but just like some people ignore School Buses, it seems inevitable that some may ignore this as well.  This is what one Williamsville resident said:

I think it is much safer, but sometimes the cars don't always stop because they don't always know how it works,"

Deputy Mayor of the Village of Williamsville, Basil Piazza told WGRZ News:

"There will be confusion, but as you just noticed, we crossed here at Sheridan Drive in the town and it worked quite well and fairly quickly,"


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