The rental market in New York state is one of the toughest in the country. When you couple together stagnant wages, increasing inflation, and affordable housing development that doesn't keep up with demand, you end up with a situation where there aren't enough quality housing units that people can afford.

Just days after a bunch of community groups have pleaded with local officials to do something about the quality of the rental housing stock in Buffalo, we find out that dozens of Western New York landlords are being investigated the state.

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According to Investigative Post, the New York State Attorney General has an open investigation into 47 different real estate companies. Of those 47 companies, 36 are located in the Buffalo area, split between Buffalo and Williamsville. Many of the properties owned by some of these landlords have been under investigation by Buffalo officials for years, with at least 25 of them having issues with lead.

During its investigation, OAG identified certain landlords owning residential properties with high rates of lead-related violations and children with elevated blood lead levels. Those identified by the OAG include ... more than 200 residential properties in the City of Buffalo...
-Patrick B. Omilian, Assistant New York Attorney General

The legal papers filed by the Attorney General accuse the landlords of using a tangled web of limited liability companies, corporations, and individuals to keep operating and causing potential injury to the public.

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With the large amount of people who complain about the quality of housing in Buffalo and Western New York, this is another case that many Buffalonians will be paying attention to.

The state is currently seeking information about the companies and has a hearing set in New York State Supreme Court to compel their attorney to provide documents. The next hearing is scheduled for Friday, March 15, 2024.

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