It's NYS 'Golden Snowball Award' time, which is a true indication that Winter is finally, and 'for real', coming to an end, until much later this year that is.   Now don't forget, this is Upstate NY so you still never know, but there's a great chance we're in the clear.

So with no more potential snowfall in the foreseeable future for a while, May is normally the month when the 'Golden Snowball Award' recipient is decided.   The 'Golden Snowball Award' is an actual trophy given to the Upstate NY City or Town that reportedly had the most snow throughout the winter season and according to the News Video below, Buffalo is in the lead this year touting a proud 118.7 inches of snow this year. Syracuse is closing in with 115 inches.  The contenders in all of this are Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, & Albany.

Here's how things are shaping up:

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