Now that violence has taken over the news cycle, the Freddie Gray protesters are being labeled thugs and criminals. But any other time a victim stands up to his bully, he is applauded. When other Countries fought back against police, we cheered. But now that's it's happening in Black America, you call the situation "Sad" and turn your back on those putting their life on the line to demand answers and justice! Why are you protecting the bully?

Remember the Facebook Sensation Casey Heynes who became an Australian hero after standing up to his bully who teased him for being too big?

When protesters took to the street during the Arab Spring in Egypt, Hong Kong and Ukraine Americans celebrated their bravery to stand up against oppression we all celebrated their bravery and stood in solidarity with the freedom fighters.

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But now that the face of unrest in American is Black, everyone wants to cry out a few cars being damaged and rocks throw at the Cops who have been bullying us for decades.
American law enforcement agencies have murdered so many unarmed civilians I've lost count!

Please understand, I do not support the looting and destruction of private property nor burning down our own communities. But when Police get away with murder, racial profiling, shooting people in the back, denying medical attention and harassing the very people they swore to protect and serve I believe it's acceptable for us to fight back against the Big Bad Bully Cops!
I'm sure you, or someone you know has been bullied by police. If not here's a couple examples.

This old man slapped, pushed to the ground and arrested for using the bathroom!

“I’m Gonna Beat the Sh*t Out You!” Thug Cop Bullies Teen Walking Home From School ~ VIDEO: Jb of - Police the Police - (A Community Project)

Posted by Cop Block on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yet now that a few dozen people in Baltimore are fighting back against the bully, you got something negative to say?

I didn't hear you speak out when Freddie Gray's spine got disconnected leaving him in a coma for a week. I didn't see you posting #RIPTamirRice when the 12 yr old boy was killed by Police 3 seconds after arriving at the park where he was playing with a toy gun. S/O To Buffalo's own Quadir Lateef for speaking up on this very issue.

Update : Baltimore Gangs join to kill police?MEDIA PROPAGANDA AT ITS BEST!LIVE WITH Quadir Lateef

Posted by Quadir Lateef on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

And for the record the Bloods & Crips did NOT team up to take out law enforcement.

Keep that 3rd eye open and understand main stream media's agenda to paint Blacks as thugs, criminals and animals and to distract you that they would rather send in the National Guard to settle unrest in Baltimore than bring charges against 6 officers for the death of Freddie Gray!!!

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