Freddie Gray

Roof Served Burger King In Jail
// Blacks in America are seen as problems way before they are seen as People!!! Posted by Quadir Lateef on Friday, June 19, 2015   21 year old Dylan Roof is a self-proclaimed White Supremacist who went out on a mission "To Kill Black People" on June 17th 2015. He was pulled over by Shelby Police in NC after he killed 9 church goers in Charleston, SC. Watch the dash cam video of the arre
Baltimore Mom Speaks Out!
We now know the "Baltimore Mom" is Toya Graham, a Single Mother of six, who chastised and slapped her son around on National Television after seeing him rioting on the news!!! This is what Toya Graham had to say regarding why she did it:
Why Are You Protecting The Bully? [VIDEO]
Now that violence has taken over the news cycle, the Freddie Gray protesters are being labeled thugs and criminals. But any other time a victim stands up to his bully, he is applauded. When other Countries fought back against police, we cheered. But now that's it's happening in Black America, you call the situation "Sad" and turn your back on those putting their life on the line to deman
With all the chaos that is going on in Baltimore after the murder of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, rioters took to the streets last night and now it has turned into somewhat of a war zone with the presence of the National Guard.
Baltimore Mom Disciplines Son
If we had more Parents parenting like this EVERYTHING would CHANGE for the best... The Mother in the following video is being heralded as a Modern Day HERO for what she does regarding her Son who she obviously Loves. WATCH:
D.C. Jokes While Riots Erupt [VID]
Comedian Cecily Strong joked about law enforcement getting away with murder at the White House Corespondent Dinner in D.C. as tension escalates at a Freddie Gray protest in Baltimore. You have to see it to believe it.