One can only imagine how stressful it is to be arrested. Just think, the police slap some metal bracelets on you and take you to jail after you've been accused of some offense severe enough that your freedom is being taken away, even if just for a short while. Consider all the thoughts going through your head while this is happening.

However bad things may be, I can all but guarantee that one thing you're not worried about is if the officer who is taking you into custody is going to snap a picture of your debit card and use the cash in your account to take some cop buddies to the local coffee shop.

Well, it appears that exact thing has happened, and a few police officers are in hot water, hot enough to maybe even brew a few cups of coffee.

New York City Cop Charged With Grand Larceny

According to the New York Post, a New York City Police Officer is accused of stealing the debit card numbers of a woman he arrested and sharing that financial information with several other cops who then tried to use it all over New York City, including places like Starbucks.

The 24-year-old police officer, Andy Urrutia, was assigned to The Bronx and is alleged to have told others "lunch on me" as a group of folks tried to "run it up at Starbucks."

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Urrutia was arrested on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, and charged with several crimes, including grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, and attempted identity theft. Since his arrest, he's been suspended from the NYPD and is due back in court in February.

This is by far an isolated incident as police officers all over the Empire State have been accused of misconduct over the years, including some right here in Western New York.

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