Niagara Falls News:

NIAGARA FALLS, NY-- Niagara Falls police are investigating a shooting that killed a convenience store owner Friday evening.

Police were called to the Bridgeway Market on Niagara Street for a report of a man shot around 7:30pm.

Officers say the store's owner, Ahmad 'Poppy' Alsaid was shot during an attempted robbery.

According to News Reports and personal friends of mine, Ahmad 'Poppy' Alsaid was a very well liked store Owner in Niagara Falls for at least the past 25 years.  Now he is gone after an armed robbery in his store.

The single most important question at this very moment is, 'who did this?'.  Secondly, what could be of that much importance or value in a small convenience store compared to the value of human life?  NOTHING....not even Millions, which I seriously doubt ever existed within the Bridgeway Market in The Falls.

Niagara Falls is an extremely small community where most people in the community, where this murder took place, know one another ... even if it's simply on an 'I've seen you before' basis.   So someone knows something.  But here we go again with the foolish 'NO SNITCH MENTALITY STUPIDITY that exists in many African-American Communities NATIONWIDE.  Yes, I said specifically African-American because that's where this twisted mentality exists for the most part.

If you know anything or have any information, make 'Poppy' life mean more to you than the life of the person who is alive and still walking around with the obvious ability and mental capacity such that they might take another life...because YOU won't say anything.  If that happens, YOU are just as responsible for the next victim's death as the person who is taking their NEXT life.  SPEAK UP!  If you know ANYTHING, call this number immediately ...the NFPD at (716) 286-4553 or (716) 286-4711.

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