Unfortunately, violence is a part of American society. For as far back as you can search in the history books, there have been all sorts of violence and crime. While the country is mainly peaceful, some persistent issues still spring up from time to time all over the nation, and Western New York is not immune to this.

You don't need to look any further than some recent events that happened right here in downtown Buffalo. Earlier this week, officers from the Buffalo Police Department and deputies from the Erie County Sheriffs' had to break up a massive fight in Lafayette Square, across from the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.


The incident that happened this week wasn't the first of such things that has occurred. Just a few months ago, the Kenmore East High School and Cheektowaga High School football teams had to forfeit games due to a brawl during one of their games.

The problem of youth-related violence is an issue that we all need to contend with, and this is why a group of local non-profits are teaming up together to try and find answers.

Local Community Groups In Buffalo Are Looking For Answers To Youth Violence

The Buffalo Urban League, in partnership with PUSH Buffalo, The Community Action Organization of WNY, and others, is hosting a community discussion on what can be done to reduce the violence young people in the 716 are a part of. Whether participants or victims of violence, it's pervasive, and we as a community are the only ones who can come up with a solution.

Buffalo Urban League
Buffalo Urban League

Organizers of the community conversation are looking to give a positive and productive voice to youth who have been impacted by violence in the city of Buffalo, including gun violence. The organizers also hope they'll be able to highlight the importance of the work done by all of the organizations in Buffalo, along with presenting the opportunity for healing in the community.

Young people have been hit really hard by all of these factors. I think the youth are reacting to what they have experienced and so it is our charge as loving adults and a collaborative community to surround them and one another with love and provide what we have to grow positivity in them so that we can make positive change as a whole...
-Whitney Dean, Buffalo Urban League

The community discussion is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, 2023, at the Frank E. Merriweather, Jr. Branch Public Library at 1324 Jefferson Ave in Buffalo, and the entire community is encouraged to attend the event from 6p until 8p.

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