I say when keeping it real goes wrong but honestly the "real" thing to do would have been to file a complaint with cooperate and not throw food at an employee from McDonald's. Even if you order was wrong you can't tell people how to react after you violate them.

Let me add some context to the story. Britany was a customer at a McDonald's In Colerain Township in Cincinnati an after receiving the wrong order and waiting for over 25 mins Britney decide to ask for a refund during the argument with the manger but she didn't stop there. She then decided to throw all the food she receive at the manger and the manger throws back a blender.

Even after surgery a broken nose and a shattered cheekbone Britany still feel's like she didn't do anything wrong; & this encounter couldn't have been avoided.

#Judgefreezone watch the video below and you be the judge.


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