When Keeping It "Real" Goes Wrong A Blender  vs Happy Meals
I say when keeping it real goes wrong but honestly the "real" thing to do would have been to file a complaint with cooperate and not throw food at an employee from McDonald's. Even if you order was wrong you can't tell people how to react after you violate them.
WBLK ThrowBack Sunday Remembers... James Brown Commercials
James Brown was not only the King of Soul and could play every instrument in his band, dance , and sing...James also tried his hand a doing some TV Commercials.
One commercial was for a Ramen Noodles type Japanese Product called 'MISO' (in 1992) as well as a McDonald's commercial promo…
No Bacon McDonalds Shooting!
Unsure if this incident was influenced by alcohol, since the subject in this matter was just coming from a "club", or just plain Stupidity... whichever...Sheneeka Torrez is going to jail after being found GUILTY!
At McDonalds
This is disturbing to say the least several teenage girls jumping one teenager in a Brooklyn McDonalds as bystanders watch and tape with their cell phones , but they never try to break up the fight.
Every punch, every gasp and every cheer was captured on video, but th…

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