This Car Invention Will Change Your Fast Food Tricks Forever
At first, I thought 'wow, this would be great for the kids', but then I figured, this is great for just about ANYONE.
You go to McDonald's or Burger King and you get some nuggets and there is always a struggle. You want to eat some in the car, but we all know that it is not an easy tas…
McDonald's Shamrock Shake & Introduces Oreo Shamrock McFlurry
It's Christmas in February! McDonald’s just announced the Shamrock Shake will be coming back on February 19.
As if that in itself wasn't good enough news, there's a new treat coming to McDonald's also. The fast food chain will also be introducing us to the Ore…
When Keeping It "Real" Goes Wrong A Blender  vs Happy Meals
I say when keeping it real goes wrong but honestly the "real" thing to do would have been to file a complaint with cooperate and not throw food at an employee from McDonald's. Even if you order was wrong you can't tell people how to react after you violate them.

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