I wish I could write what I truly want to write here...but because the world is so political and sensitive, it's taboo to tell the truth and be direct in identifying and reprimanding societal ills...especially within certain Cultures...it completely taboo to say too much or be too honest about the root of the problem.  I'll leave this right here for you to ponder as to what or who I'm referring to.

The owners of the Amherst Chuck E Cheese (whether Corporate or Local Franchise Owned) must be pretty embarrassing following all the fighting and press that's been associated with that particular restaurant.  I typed in Chuck E Cheese Amherst on the YouTube Search Bar and the 1st 3 videos were videos of the big brawl that took place there 2 months ago...people were acting like straight WILD ANIMALS!

WATCH: 2 Months Ago:

Now another incident, according to News Reports, where there was an emplotee fight with one employee being fires and then she cane back tyo the nAmherst location with herr friends to confont bthe employee she was firred forrnfighting with...UNREAL!!!

WATCH THIS: (This guy gets to say what I cannot say)

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