By all accounts, the American Dream of buying a home is alive and well, and while it's a tad bit harder to achieve that dream, it's being done by many folks every single day.

Now, whether you're buying or selling, the housing market in Western New York has been red hot lately. Over the last few years, Buffalo has had a very strong market for home sales, and by the looks of things, the 716 is at the top of the list for 2024.

According to data that was recently released by the real estate marketplace company Zillow, Buffalo is predicted to be the hottest housing market in the United States this year.

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Western New York has seen some pretty growth in its real estate market year over year, and that growth, coupled with a strong economic outlook for the coming year, has the Queen City rising to the top.


After looking at the top 50 housing markets in the nation, the Great Lakes region is looking generally pretty overall, but it seems that rustbelt cities are right at the top of them all. Buffalo, along with Cincinnati and Columbus, OH, are head and shoulders above other cities in the top 50.

As we roll into the 2024 home-buying season, it seems that the secret about the 716 is out.

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Now, buying a house in today's market is not an easy exercise for the average person. That's why lots of folks may be looking for ways to make sure they're ready to buy a house.

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There are several great first-time homebuyer programs in Buffalo that will help you make sure you're credit ready to buy a house. In addition to those programs, there is tons of financial assistance available to help you make the dream of homeownership a reality.

So, if 2024 is the year for you to buy a house, make sure you act fast and decisively, as it doesn't look like things are going to cool off anytime soon.

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