I absolutely love love love chocolate milk.  Thinking about chocolate milk is giving me a 'chocolate milk jones' right now.  As a matter of fact, chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate pie, chocolate candy...OMG!  I'm glad my kids don't go to school in New York City, where they are considering a ban regarding serving chocolate milk to students, according to news reports.  The question is WHY?


Sugar.  Well, that makes sense. But man-oh-man chocolate milk tastes sooooo good :(.   Here's a chart (link below) that supports the consideration to discontinue serving students chocolate milk, which, according to the news report, says that kids who drink chocolate milk two times a day take in about 80 grams of added sugar every week. The news article also identifies that:

 "many NYC public schools have already stopped serving chocolate milk with the support of parents."

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