I overheard two older people holding a conversation about young people and what they felt kids today need that they had back in the day...and then they both went off with this long list of things that I eventually lost track of because there were so many things.  One of the two people would list something followed quickly by the other person adding to the list and there was little to no pause between responses...it was very entertaining.

Well, I asked you to come up with, at least, 5 Things Kids Today Need That You Had 'Back In The Day', so I figured I'd share my list with you ...maybe you'll have some of the same things on your list:

5 Things Kids Today Need That You Had 'Back In The Day:

  • More Respect for themselves and others
  • A Better Ear for Music
  • Rules
  • To Be in theHouse By the Time The Street Lights Go On
  • To Be Out of the House Playing Instead of Being in the House Playing Video Games

What's your list of 5 Things Kids Today Need That You Had 'Back In The Day?  Put your list in the Comments Section below!

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