Some people are still recovering financially from the recent Government Shutdown and to help these people get through, Wegmans has announced Special Pricing on Select Items throughout the store, according to Reports.

Here's a statement from Wegmans Chairman, Danny Wegman:

“One of our local United Way partners let us know there are people still dealing with the consequences of the recent government shutdown. They asked if we could help. In particular, they called out the fact that February SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits were paid in advance and that this timing created a challenge in February for some recipients. “Making a difference in every community we serve is one of our core values to ensure a healthy and vibrant place for our employees and customers to live and work. “The most direct way for us to help is by lowering prices for all customers beginning Saturday, February 16 through Saturday, March 2 on the items that will make nutritious meals at a truly affordable cost.”

Very Nice.  The price reductions will extend through Saturday, March 2, according to News Reports.  Also, the price reductions are aimed at, again, helping people recover from the Government Shutdown, however, there are no stipulations as to who can take advantage of the items that have been reduced the reduced pricing.

Here's a List of the Items Reduced: (according to News Reports) 

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