Wegmans Says You Do Not Need To Wear A Mask If You Are Vaccinated
Vaccinated people you may not need to remember your mask anymore and you can start focusing on remembering that reusable bag!
Anyone that is fully vaccinated will not need to wear a mask while shopping at any Wegmans store. No, you do not need to show proof of your vaccine card when entering the stor…
There Is A Recall On Ice in Western New York After This Discovery
If you bought some ice recently, you are not going to want to eat or put any of those in your drinks. You can get a full refund if you still have the ice. Hopefully, you are okay if you already consumed it.
There is a possibility of metal shards that inside of the 7 pounds bags of ice sold at all Weg…
Prices at Wegmans Are Going Up On Certain Products
Wegmans is seeing a trickle down effect where the operating costs are going up, and therefore some products at Wegmans are seeing their prices go up.
Businesses are changing and some HAVE to change in order to adapt to these times, and grocery stores are no exception...

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