Welcome to this week's 'WBLK Sunday Head-Scratcher', a Brainteaser designed to make you scratch your head until you pull your hair put.  You can submit your answer below or on the WBLK Facebook Page.

Here's today's "WBLK Sunday Head Scratcher" (Brainteaser):

"WBLK Sunday Head Scratcher" (Brainteaser)

As a Burglar reaches for something on a mantel, he accidentally knocks over a clock.  It falls to floor, breaks, and stops,  The next morning, however, Police are not able to determine what time the robbery took place.  Why not?

Up until 2 pm today (Sunday, May 3, 2019) you can call 716-644-9393 with your answer, or go to the WBLK Facebook page and submit your answer in the "WBLK Sunday Head Scratcher" (Brainteaser) post, or you can submit your answer below in the 'Comment Section'.

I'll post the answer here after 2 pm.


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