According to WGRZ News, Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts has suspended the search for a 14 Month-Old Toddler who went missing on May 14.  The body of the child's mother was found May 24 in the woods behind a farm in Sodus, according to WGRZ News.

"At this time we have expended all of the current information and clues that we have, so we are going shut down the search,"

This statement marks the culmination of a 12 day search for 14 Month-Old Owen Hidalgo-Calderon.  When asked if this means Owen is deceased, Sheriff Virts said this:

"It doesn't mean that he's not ... but we are at over 90 percent probability of detection... . Right now there's really no need for us to continue searching here until we get other information."

If you have ANY Information regarding Owns whereabouts, please call the Wayne County Sheriff's Department at (866) NYS-AMBER or to call 911.

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