Kudos to Pastor Darius Pridgen for an innovative idea that turned into a Buffalo Blessing on Easter Sunday.  According to News Stories, Pastor Pridgen was willing to invest $40,000 to try and make an impact on Buffalo's recent rash of violence and shooting deaths.   How better to do that other than have a well-known teen and young adult influencer talk to Buffalo Youth.  That's exactly what Pastor Pridgen pulled off on Easter Sunday, having famed Rapper Waka Flocka Flame come to Buffalo and address what turned out to be hundreds of youth attending Easter Service at True Bethel Baptist Church,

There couldn't have been a better time to arrange this event other than Easter Sunday as traditionally people who are not avid weekly Churchgoers tend to go to church on that day.  Well not only did kids and young adults show up, but many also came to the altar to accept Christ into their lives.

Pastor Pridgen explained to News Reporters:

"I didn't bring them here for the selfie. I didn't bring them here for the autograph," Pastor Darius Pridgen told the crowd. "I brought them here because I believed in my heart that they would say something that would make somebody think."

Waka Flocka spoke to the audience of mostly young people about his past and said this:

"The kids see me and they're like 'what's up gang? Take a picture.' I'd be like what you mean, gang?...But at the same time I'm wrong because all I pushed was gang because that's all I knew. But for the people that know me and see me - grow with me bro, because that ain't right," Waka Flocka said.

The $40,000+ price tag to bring Waka Flocka to Buffalo was not the concern for Pastor Pridgen compared to the Blessing it generated.

"We're concerned about especially those in the inner city who have seen so much violence, and some of them all of their lives," he said. "Today what we saw was hundreds of young people come to the alter to make a decision to make better choices in their life. That was worth every dime for today."

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