When I saw the headlines I felt immediate grief and extreme sadness without needing any details.  20 persons are dead after an unbelievable accident involving a limousine carrying 18 person, which included the deriver.  CNN reported that this is the deadliest transportation accident in the entire U.S. since 2009say this is the worst

WATCH: (*WARNING*Very Sensitive Content)

According to News Reports, an investigation continues to attempt to determine what the Limo sped off the road.  Authorities are considering alcohol but are not certain as to what that caused this terrible accident.

A Schenectady resident described the accident this way:

The crash “sounded like an explosion,” said Linda Riley of nearby Schenectady, who was on a shopping trip with her sisters. When she got out of her vehicle, Riley said, she saw a body on the ground and people started screaming.

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