The Underground Niteclub, a very popular Alternative Bar which has been in Buffalo for 40 Years, but closed, is possibly coming back, according to WGRZ News.  But Beyond the Headlines and celebration among 'The Underground' Fans, the mystery as to why it closed and is now reopening is just as intriguing as the question, why did it close in the first place after 40 years.  The answer to why, according to News Reports, is that residents complained about the noise, police activity and drug sales, although Patrons and the Owner probably disagree that anything volatile was ever going on...the proof being that the bar has been there for 40 years.  But residents say the latest owner set the stage and atmosphere relative to the alleged problems.

In these videos you'll get abetter idea of what's going on...

WATCH: (News Story of Nightclub Closing , April 2018)

This was a Underground Niteclub Video When it was Open: 

Now This: The ReOpening!


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