As a guy who appreciate a little make-up on his lady from time to time, I would have to put the paws on the manager if I thought I was buying new makeup for my girl and I get home, its already half missing.

But A woman who claims she used work for Ulta Beauty put the company on blast for repackaging and reselling used makeup.

She Tweeted “So I was a former employee at ULTA and whenever a customer would return a product, we were told by managers to repackage / reseal the item and put it back on the shelf,”  @fatinamxo wrote.

Shorty even took a notch further and posted a couple pictures of makeup she claims was returned, repackaged and resold as if it was brand new. CHECK THE PICS BELOW:


Her claims have reached other people with similar stories about this company’s “allegedly” dirty moves.

One person said “I worked at ulta too…and they did that too. They wanted their shrinkage to be low sooo that’s why but it was so disgusting lol,”

Ultra released a Statement saying “We do not allow the resale of used or damaged products,” an Ulta Beauty spokesperson told TODAY. “Our store associates are trained to catalog and then properly dispose of any used or damaged items. If associates have concerns that this or any Ulta Beauty policy is not being followed, they can anonymously report it through our third-party hotline. Our policies, training and procedures are aimed at ensuring that only the highest-quality products are sold in our stores and online.

All im saying Is Please check your makeup before you buy it, you never know what you can be in store for.



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