I played football in High School and College and have watched football for many many years and have never seen anything like what I witnessed at the end of the Browns and Steelers game.

A fight ensued with players being ejected who will inevitably be fined and probably suspended.  In my opinion, Myles Garrett should be suspended for the entire season or even expelled from the NFL period.  There was little said by commentators regarding Mason Rudolph starting this fight by attempting to take Myles Garrett's helmet off.  Subsequently, that backfired as Rudolph quickly became the victim.


I agree with what Baker Mayfield said about this incident right after the game.


Mayfield is correct, no matter who started the fight or regardless of why the fight started, emoving an opponent's helmet and using a helmet as a weapon to try and smash someone over their head hitting an opponent with their own helmet.

What's your opinion regarding this incident?  (Comment below in the COMMENTS SECTION)

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