It went down recently in the free samples line at a Greenville, South Carolina Costco where two senior citizens got into a scuffle! We all love free food but is it ever that serious?

Well apparently it was that serious for two men in their 70s and it all started because one of them cut the other in a line for free cheese, according to the the state newspaper. A 70-year-old man said he was in the line when a 72-year-old man just hopped in front of him to snag some cheese and walked off.

Still salty about being cut in front of, the 70-year-old man made a slick comment to the slightly older gentleman when they met up again in a line for free cheeseburger samples. That’s when police say things got physical and the alleged line-cutter smacked the other man on the right side of his head, causing his glasses to get knocked off. The woman who was working the cheeseburger sample stand confirmed the fight to police and said the smack sounded “very loud.”

Both men took off before police got there but cops were still able to track down the 72-year-old man, who admitted his involvement in the fight. No arrests have been made and police are attempting to get surveillance footage from Costco to help the investigation.

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