How unfortunate that an upstanding establishment such as Foundry Suites has to have its name tarnished by senseless violence.  For the 2nd week in a row, African-American Teens are unfairly made to look like they are a problem while they are's just one or two teens making it bad for everyone.

Last week a Community Center in Amherst and now the Foundry Suites in North Buffalo.  Beyond these shootings, which left one teen dead, how many establishments do you think will want to host an event involving young Black people?  Probably none.  That conclusion may upset you, but I can't imagine it being unrealistic in light of two shootings, involving young African-American Teens, back to back, two weekends in a row.  It's unfortunate because the incidents are not reflective of 99% of the teens attending these functions.  However, perception is everything on this earth, even if the ratio of good kids to bad kids is so overwhelming to the good.  It's sad that there is an individual roaming around somewhere free ... right now.

If you have any information regarding either shooting, please contact the Buffalo Police Confidential Tip Line at716-847-2255,

WATCH: (1 week ago) North Buffalo Community Center Shooting

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