As the existence of toilet paper on store shelves seems to be more of an "old wives tail," than reality, a calculator has been developed to give you an idea of how long your stash will last!

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I have been at Wegmans a couple mornings when the store first opened and I can tell you I have witnessed the toilet paper disappear off the shelves quicker than you can spell "quarantine!"  For whatever psychological reason and maybe even a real need, we humans seem to stock toilet paper like it's the end of the world.  I was actually going to see if my landlord would accept rolls of toilet paper as my next rent payment.

This calculator will help you decide if it's time to start bartering electronics for TP or if you can hang on for a few more weeks.

"It’s a relatively simple tool: you put in the number of rolls you have left and the number of toilet visits you estimate you take per day, and it spits out a nice whole number at the top of the screen." ~ The Verge

CNBC says that a few supply chain experts have told it that toilet paper will soon be in abundance, maybe even overstocked.  I know, it's hard to imagine when just a couple days ago you probably saw a WWE match over the last roll.

“All the grocery stores are going to have pallets of toilet paper sitting in the aisles, and nobody is going to buy it, because who needs to buy toilet paper when you’ve got a year’s worth sitting in your garage?” ~ Daniel Stanton, a supply chain expert via CNBC

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