A Team of H.O.P.E. has teamed up with the Buffalo Dream Center to feed those in need today at the Pine Harbor Apartments,107th Street in Buffalo starting at 7 pm.  The initiative today will 'PROVIDE FREE FOOD FOR ALL THAT ARE IN NEED'.

free food

A Team of H.O.P.E. is a local organization founded in Buffalo by Sharon D. Tell.  H.O.P.E. is an acronym for 'Helping Out People Everywhere'.

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'Buffalo Dream Center' is dedicated to helping the less fortunate, not just in Buffalo but Over-Seas as well.

About the Buffalo Dream Center Founders (according to their website):

Pastors Eric and Michelle Johns founded and have been overseeing the Buffalo Dream Center, in Buffalo, New York, since 1993.  The church has become well known as a ministry that meets the needs of inner-city families, going into crime infested neighborhoods - places other churches are afraid to go.

The Buffalo Dream Center reaches thousands of people through various children’s outreaches, a mobile food pantry, a bus ministry, and many other programs that feed, clothe, and bring hope to those who have none.  The church has touched so many children that one-third of those attending the Sunday morning service are under the age of twenty.  Boxes of Love, an enormous Christmas outreach held every year, provides food and toys to thousands of inner-city families.  To raise funds for this large event, Pastor Eric draws attention to those in need by living on the streets of his city with the homeless.  He does this for one week every winter.  He has become affectionately known as “The Homeless Pastor”.

Pastor Eric and Michelle preach the uncompromising Word of God.  Pastor Eric encourages Christians to look beyond their own needs and meet the needs of others.  He believes that there is something greater than being blessed.  The greater life is to be a blessing.

Besides the incredible work being done in the inner city, the Johns' family has taken the Gospel to Canada, Mexico, Ghana, Guatemala, Jamaica, Bahamas, South Africa, and India.  They especially desire to see pastors in India encouraged and strengthened.  Michelle trains pastors all over the world how to reach children with the Gospel.    They take teams to India twice each year holding conferences for pastors, children’s pastors, and leaders.  They have pioneered children's ministry in India and established two orphanages, both named “Center of Hope”.  The Center of Hope in Guntur includes an orphanage, an elementary school, a widows' home, and a Bible training center for new pastors.  The Center of Hope in Tirupati is a home for children who have lost their parents to the AIDS virus.  Currently, their ministry cares for approximately sixty orphans.

Pastors Eric and Michelle live in the heart of the inner city with their five children:  Victoria, Emilie, Mikayla, Alexander, and Nathaniel.

Here's an example of what the Buffalo Dream Center does in the Community (Video from 2015):

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