The Brain is a wonderful that is even a mystery among the Greatest Scientists.   Another 'Mystery' is today's WBLK Sunday, May 20, Brainteaser.  If you can solve today's Brainteaser, you are GOOD!

There's nothing to win here...just the satisfaction that you're a GENIUS and figured out this Tricky Brainteaser.

Here Goes:  

As Austin begins his long journey, he has a guide all morning long.  However, by the end of the day, while still well on his way within his journey, he finds himself leading the way instead of following...even though HE HAS NO IDEA WHERE THE HECK HE IS GOING!  

The Brainteaser Question today is: WHAT HAPPENED?

You can submit your answer below in the COMMENT SECTION.  I'll be posting a video soon with the answer to the Brainteaser ... Good Luck!

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