With a passion for motivating the masses and serving them, this Mommy Mogul founded two businesses, Motivational Moments & Pretty Girls On The Rocks.

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With Motivational Moments where she speaks to the public, at engagements and businesses in person and via Facebook Live about everyday issues and overcoming them. Then with Pretty Girls On The Rocks, she's tapped some of the regions prettiest women to serve your guests their favorite drinks at your private and public events. If that's not enough, she also sells life insurance! She's a jack of all trades, using all that she's been given and endured to pave a way for other women and mothers trying to do the same, meet Raquel Hall! She sat down with ReddRoxx to talk about how she turned life's struggles into motivation for herself and others, how she overcame things that were meant to break her, and her plans for the future with her booming businesses.Listen to Raquel Hall on this week's episode of The Mommy Mogul Podcast below!


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