The marijuana topic just gets more and more disturbing to me.  Here in the U.S., you have some states who celebrate the sale of marijuana with dispensaries popping up everywhere, while other States still see marijuana use, sales, etc as taboo.  Persons are still being arrested for having the drug, which is considered as having a medicinal benefit, handcuffed and placed in a jail cell, while Canada has it's first Cannabis College, handing our diplomas to graduating students, who leave the College versed in how to properly grow the herb.


Canada not only recently legalized Recreational Marijuana, but they also have their first Cannabis College.

New York State seems to be moving in the Pro-Cannabis direction ... in New York City anyway:

There are still some States who are far 'Behind the Times':

Like I said at the outset, this topic is becoming increasingly disturbing regarding the disparity that exists regarding penalties vs accolades concerning marijuana and then possession of it for recreational and/or business purposes.

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