Men seldom talk about issues they deal with, be it personal issues, relationship issues, parenting issues, etc.  The MANTRIBE events encourage men to talk about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING..  The MANTRIBE organization was founded by Travis Widrick,  according to the THE MANTRIBE website.  Widrick explains why he started THE MANTRIBE;

”As a man, I felt a personal need to connect with other men about real issues we men face every day. In conversations with other men in Buffalo, I realized that 1. I was not the only man seeking this connection with other men, and 2. there is no place to go to find this type of male community. So, VOILA MANTRIBE came in to existence.”

There's a MANTRIBE get together this Sunday, May 6 at 5pm @ The Pop In , 218 Grant Street in Buffalo.  The topic of discussion is ACCEPTANCE.

Here's the info for MANTRIBE, in general, and also Sunday's event:

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