On Wednesday, May 30 the  PUSH Organization (People United for Sustainable Housing) is going to be training people as to how to purchase Property which the City is auctioning off, according to buffalorising.com.  The article also explains that Ahmad Nieves, one of the PUSH event co-hosts, stressed that the event is specifically designed for persons actually interested in investing in neighborhoods as opposed to those who are looking for property to flip.  The PUSH training hopes to result in persons getting into vacant city properties, restoring them, and hopefully living in them, according to the buffalorising.com.

Ahmed Nieves shared the following with buffalorising.com regarding what people should expect, while also expressing assurance that to process is not complicated, relative to acquiring property at the auction on May 30:

“Attending this workshop will give people important information on how to buy property from the City of Buffalo Auction.  People think that the auction is a way more complicated process than what it really is. Many people are scared and intimidated by the auction, so they stay away from it. They are missing out on opportunities to invest in their own neighborhoods, and their communities. Most importantly, it’s a chance to invest in themselves and their futures.”

Here's the info you'll need to attend the event;

May Session – Buying Property From The City Auction:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

6 PM – 8 PM

298 Northampton Street, Buffalo, NY 14208-2303

For more information contact Ahmad at: aanieves23@gmail.com

Here's a link you can access to RSVP to reserve your spot at the Buying Property From The City Auction! (May Session)...

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