Pancho Bills, whose real name is Ezra Castro, will be honored today at the Bills game and presented with a plaque designating that he is a member of The Buffalos Bills 'Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame',.. the first to receive the honor within this new component.

Pancho Billa (Ezra Castro) is not just the #1 Bills Fan, there is so much more to be told.  Here's who Ezra Castro is behind the impressive Bills Gear he wears to every game he attends in Buffalo.

  • For Starters, Pancho Billa does not live in Buffalo and was not born here either...he's a Texan, living in Dallas but comes all the way here for Bills Games.  Pancho
  • Pancho Billa is President of the DFW Bills Backers Club and according to the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience her is a proud supporter of various campaigns like Fans Against Child Abuse and Fans Against Violence.

According to News Reports, the Bills announced the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience concept where every year they'll designate a Fan to be placed on the Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame indicating that they are an outstanding Fan supporter of the Bills.

The News Report quoted Pancho Billa (Ezra Castro) responding, regarding the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience and his recognition, saying:

"I am truly blessed to be considered for enshrinement into the Buffalo Fan Wall of Fame.  To be immortalized among Buffalo's greatest brings a new definition to be word honor," said Castro, AKA Pancho Billa.

The most amazing and testament to who Pancho Billa is, aside from his dedication to the Buffalo Bills is his ability to remain strong and positive despite his Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis, such that his doctor informed him that he probably has 3 or 4 years to live.


A GoFundMe Page has been set up on behalf of Pancho Billa (Ezra Castro) and if you'd like to support and help Pancho Billa as he fights against his Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis, please click the button below to go to his GoFundMe Page.

In addition to helping EzraVCastro, you may also want to support the Buffalo Bills New BFLO Hall of Fame Experience which will continue to recognize loyal fans among other things.

According to News Reports:

The BFLO Hall of Fame Experience is also launching a crowdfunding campaign to help support its future home. The crowdfunding campaign, with a goal of $71,600, will allow the organization to continue the development of the BFLO Hall of Fame Experience concept.


Donations to support the Buffalo Bills effort can be made by clicking the button below.

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