The Silencing Of A Buffalo Activist
We are definitely living in very troubling and challenging times right now. From the ongoing violent occupations of this country in the so-called middle east, higher than ever incarceration rates in this country (the highest in the world), poverty, AIDS, the ongoing debate about same sex marriage; t…
Sanders: “Never Lose Hope” (VIDEO)
We talk a lot on WBLK about the hopelessness the youth in must feel to go out and wreck havoc in our community with their senseless violence.

NFL legend Deion Sanders is going through it right now with his wife Pilar, but yet he still finds the strength to encourage his fans. See the inspir…
Rev Winans Assaulted (VIDEO)
A prominent Pastor/Actor was carjacked and assaulted Wednesday afternoon in Detroit.
Four young black males escaped with his wallet, Rolex, cell phone and luxury SUV after ripping the Pastor's pant off his body.
Justice for Eastside Shootings (POLL)
Saturday May 12th 2012 7 people were shot on the streets of Buffalo, NY. For Fisk University graduate Samantha Corthan, the shot was fatal. The community is buzzing with talk of stricter punishments for violent criminals claiming the lives of our youth.
Who Put Guns & Drugs In The Hood?
Tupac will always be my favorite artist because he spoke with so much knowledge. In the video inside Pac speaks about the true motivation behind Thug Life and how he hopes to end Government corruption and expose evil plots to destroy Blacks in America.
Facebook Kid Killed Despite Uncle’s Intervention
This one of of the most popular videos of early 2011, a kid that was on facebook posting about being a gang member. When his uncle got wind of it, he was publicly humiliated in a video posted to facebook. The kid was show and killed out side of his New Orleans home according to gossiponthis...