President Obama finally speaks out about police brutality an injustice in the black community and admits that peaceful protests in Baltimore do not get nearly the attention they deserve.

Today President Obama called these people who hi-jacked the protests as an opportunity to destroy & loot local businesses, "Thugs" & "Criminals". He pointed out that the violent acts of arson and the like was a major distraction from the real reason people gathered.

10,000 people from across the country peacefully protested in Baltimore in support of the seeking of justice for Freddie Gray. Despite the fact that 100 of the 10,000 acted up and approximately 35 people were arrested after the peaceful protest, much of the mainstream media used attention grabbing words in their headlines like ‘Protest Turns Destructive, (USA Today)’ ‘Scenes of Chaos In Baltimore… (NY Times), Dozens Arrested After Protest Turns Violent (WBAL TV).

Later in the speech, the President points out that Police interact with poor black people "In ways that raise questions", adding that the encounters happen once a week!

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