A New Jersey mother died while doing her motherly deed after trying to break up a fight between her son and his girlfriend; All happened in front of their child. 

Authorities say a 45-year-old mother in northern New Jersey died of cardiac arrest when she tried to break up a domestic dispute between her son and his girlfriend.

The pair face charges stemming from the death of Ana Rojas-Jovel.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office says 28-year-old Juan Martinez Rojas and 25-year-old Claudia Hernandez Soriano started fighting in front of a child after they returned to their Waldwick home from a party early Monday.

Authorities say Rojas-Jovel tried to intervene and was assaulted by Hernandez Soriano. Rojas-Jovel suffered a cardiac event and died.

Hernandez Soriano is charged with reckless manslaughter.

Sad. Just crazy some of these stories.


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