I'm all for creativity in our schools, but this elementary school play is simply out of control!!! Watch as these little kids re-enact infamous scenes from the movie Scarface!!

This viral video was originally posted in 2010, but has resurfaced recently on Facebook as an example of the moral downfall of American morals.
I'm reminded of a Jay Z Lyric:

"Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me. So that ain't to blame for all that happened to me."

America is SO QUICK to blame violence in this Country on gangsta rap, yet they violent approve scenes like this to be performed by elementary aged kids.

Director Marc Klasfeld thought it "Would be funny" to put on this production. He said the kids' parents couldn't be happier about the success of the video.

Ok so this wasn't actually a school play. But, Let's be real. The film is (R)estricted to anyone under 18. And that's just to VIEW it. These child actors had to spend weeks memorizing the script which talks about drug use, practicing shooting assault weapons and rehearsing getting shot and dying!!!!

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