1,000 Teens in WNY to Get $1,000 if They Do This
If you know a kid in the Western New York area between the ages of 13 and 18, you can make $1,000! If you know a kid who is creative, this might just be their chance!
What exactly do they have to do? Just be zmslves and come up with an idea!
Buffalo 'Mall Brawl' Arrests!
So 2016 ends now with more Trending Social Media Stupidity.  I say that because supposedly the 'Mall Brawl' trend around the country, where teens show up at malls in droves and 'fight', is being fueled via Social Media.  I'm not sure how it all actually works but w…
Buffalo Heroin Epidemic
Heroin overdose has become uncontrolled and has become an epidemic in Buffalo. Local firefighters say they use a medication called Narcan DAILY to revive persons overdosing on heroin!
Teen Who Took Pool Vid Talks
15 Year-Old Brandon Brooks is the young man who says he had a feeling something was going to happen worth video taping (regarding the now infamous 'Pool Party Video') and he was 100% CORRECT!
WATCH as Brandon Brooks is interviewed by a Fox News Reporter:
Do cops Stereotype?
Do stereotypes lead to excessive actions and force by police? Hear what Buffalo residents and area law enforment had to say on this Hot Topic Tuesday!
The Condom Challenge
The MOST DANGEROUS CHALLENGE I can remember attempting as a kid is the "WHEELIE CHALLENGE" -- to see who could do a wheelie on a bike the longest -- or riding my bike full-speed down "Snake Hill" at Highland Park in Rochester without breaking my neck...
#OpGenZ Let’s Talk About Sex Part 2
The Buffalo news recently wrote an article that 51% of Buffalo High School students are sexually active. 81% of those teens do not use protection! It is our job as adults to get to the root of this trend and stop this train before it derails and falls off a cliff with our future inside! Read more ab…
Top 5 Keys to Generation Z’s Sex Life
Let’s Talk about sex!
It’s very clear that Generation Z understands technology better than their parents, but let's talk about sex in the "all-things-connected" high tech society.   Kids now-a-days are caught up in the phenom of SEXTING and taking suggestive pictures of themselves and post …
Is Teen Violence The New Normal? KTSCW [VIDEO] [POLL]
A few days ago I posted a video about Tony farmer, a top basketball recruit from Ohio, who was recently sentenced to three years behind bars for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The cameras were rolling when the judge handed down his sentence on each of the counts for which Tony plead gu…

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