The MOST DANGEROUS CHALLENGE I can remember attempting as a kid is the "WHEELIE CHALLENGE" -- to see who could do a wheelie on a bike the longest -- or riding my bike full-speed down "Snake Hill" at Highland Park in Rochester without breaking my neck.

But fast forward -- I won't say how many years -- and there are NEW TEEN CHALLENGES...including "THE CONDOM CHALLENGE" (where kids sniff a condom through their nose and pull it out of their mouths), "THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE" (where you attempt to eat a spoonful of cinnamon spice without choking), "THE POOP CHALLENGE" (it's like a really gross ice cream sundae...), and "THE TAMPON CHALLENGE" (yup -- you actually eat it)!

Well, here goes...




Upon watching these two "Challenges" I am COMPLETELY APPALLED!!!  You can google these fiascos yourself if you choose to but instead of posting these last two ridiculous "challenges" I'm replacing their links with questions and a comment.


Where the hell are ANY OF THESE KIDS PARENTS!!!!  Why isn't this NEGLECT and a neem for Child Protective Services?

Secondly... If teens are doing these things; what would prevent a 19 year old from planting a bomb at the Boston Marathon and blowing up a couple of people?...I'm surprised the "challenge" didn't include securing body parts and consuming them!!!

Final Comment:  After seeing what I've seen today, which prior to today, I had NO IDEA existed; I'm of the opinion that Facebook, YouTube, and Social Media in general are as much (if not more) at fault for the Boston Marathon Bombings, Teen Challenge Deaths, and Hospitalizations as the people who are actually doing the challenges and TERROR!  FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram . etc....should be regulated as to what they can legally allow to be posted.  There are so many Social Woes, Irresponsibilities, and Influences that perpetrate disaster, heartache, and at times DEATH (under the auspices of what's supposedly FUN, FUNNY, and AMUSING) that is should be deemed CRIMINAL!  (My Opinion)

What has this world come to?

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