Do stereotypes lead to excessive actions and force by police? Hear what Buffalo residents and area law enforment had to say on this Hot Topic Tuesday!

In the last couple days, six teens from different parts of the country who have been unjustly profiled and arrested.

In Texas, two black men were arrested, and their white female student was put in child protective custody because the police didn't believe she was their student traveling with them with her mother's consent. Read the story here!

In Rochester, three black teens were arrested for disorderly conduct because police didn't believe they were simply waiting for the bus. Read that story here.

Going back to the Trayvon Martin case, Geraldo Rivera suggested that Trayvon was killed because he was dressed like a thug!


Do you believe that police arrest, beat and shoot to kill suspects based on stories they've heard about "those people"?

And now listen to the full comment from law enforcement that aired earlier today.

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